Deserts, Bands, and Beaches. Oh my!

Hello nuggets! Welcome to my new blog! Whether you’ve checked out my blog in the past or you’re brand new to this wonderful world of blogging, I’m so happy to have you here with me. I’ll be addressing more personal things in a separate blog post but for right now, it’s all about my recent trip to California!

Way back in November, I chose to do something a little crazy after having a conversation with my bf (Preston) about our favorite bands. He said he’d cut off his ring finger to see The Killers live (weird flex). Due to this very intense comment, I decided the coolest possible thing I could do at that point was to 1. save the ring finger (might need that one day) and 2. buy tickets to iHeartRadio Alter Ego in California. I mean who doesn’t randomly buy tickets to a concert over a thousand miles away from their home?

Thankfully, P has a sweet, wonderful, and amazing mother that’s from California. P also has an equally as sweet, wonderful, and amazing aunt that graciously allowed us to stay with her and her awesome husband during our trip. They even let us borrow their car (can someone say rockstar). With a million thanks to our gracious hosts, we were able to travel freely throughout Southern California in the days leading up to our concert.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did and some little tips to make your travels easier if you’re driving aimlessly around SoCal like we were!

  • During our first full day, we went to Newport and Laguna. I honestly can’t say enough about Laguna. It is seriously one of my absolute favorite beaches I’ve visited in California. It’s in a very nice community and has some of the scenery for sure.
  • Also during our first full day, we decided to drive to La Jolla (part of the greater San Diego area) and it was a blast. We even got to see seals and sea lions up close in their natural habitat. We didn’t stay up close for long though because 1. they smell absolutely disgusting and 2. I felt almost as if they were annoyed by the human presence around them. There were people EVERYWHERE, even getting so close to the animals that they were touching them and for sure invading their space. TBH, it made me angry to see the disrespectful people ignoring everything the state had put in place to protect the natural wildlife.
  • When we were driving back, we hit traffic. Now, we’re from Oklahoma. The most traffic we have is when I-35 gets crowded after work. In SoCal, anytime after 2:30-3:00 and you’re in trouble. We were not an exception to the rule, we were the rule and we sat in traffic for enough time to make your blood boil. I also get carsick (have since I was little) so as soon as we returned to P’s Aunt’s, we fell asleep minutes into our attempted Netflix viewing and promptly went to our rooms to get some much-needed sleep
  • On day two, we chose to go to the desert (Palm Springs) and then head down to Inglewood for our concert. Palm Springs was super fun and all of the desert shots (mountains + palm trees) were taken on the top of a parking garage. The parking garage was a good choice, I would give myself a 10/10 for that one.
  • After leaving Palm Springs, we had to rent a car for the first time during our stay because we were staying at an Airbnb rather than P’s Aunt’s because it was much closer to the location of our concert and LAX, where we were flying out of. In short, disaster struck when trying to rent a car from Expedia. This resulted in an hour of lost time and a LOT of frustration. We finally got it figured out but I would not recommend using Expedia for any of your car rental needs.
  • Finally, we arrived at our Airbnb and it was so nice! We decided to order food and hangout prior to the concert instead of going somewhere because to be quite honest, the car situation had become a grey cloud over our heads because of how frustrating it all was. By the time we left, we were ready to go and more excited than ever.
  • Finally, we saw Weezer and The Killers, I honestly have never been so happy to watch one (or two) groups perform and they killed it, not to mention the members of both bands are 40+, the members of Weezer are closer to 50 so just imagine 40-50-year-olds giving you the best show you’ve ever seen. It was electrifying.
  • Finally, we woke up, headed to LAX, and got through security much faster than expected. I’m not sure if it was just Southwest, the day, or some other factor but it was so EASY and quick. 10/10 would recommend if most experiences are like ours.

All in all, the trip rocked, literally and figuratively. I’m sad to be back but also, I’m excited because P and I have three more concerts planned for the next month. I guess concerts and trips are our thing.


I hope you stick around for more. Not all of my posts will be cute and fun like this one, I hope to dive into everything that affects my life throughout the course of this blog. Life is an experience meant to be shared, so here I am. Sharing.

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